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Brividi Dolci

Brividi Dolci

Brividi Dolci (Sweet Shivers) is a new line of Frozen Drinks and Smoothies which we introduced for cafeterias, pool bars, beach bars and hotels.

Brivid Dolci -Starter Package

The line consists of six different products:

  • Cappuccino Gustoso *
  • Gocce di Cioccolato (Chocolate chip)
  • Choco Mocha *
  • Creme Brulee Italiana
  • Yogurt Leggero (Light Yogurt)
  • Vaniglia Preziosa **

*   Contains coffee
** Used in addition with fruits or fruit puree for fruit smoothies


To help our customers, we provide a complete Starting kit which contains:

  • 2 kg of each Brividi Dolci
  • 1 "Brividi Dolci" elegant acrylic display
  • 6 Easy-to-remove plastic inserts
  • 6 Measuring scoops
  • Promotional menus


The drinks are very easy to prepare by just adding milk and ice and blending in a commercial blender. It's a low cost product with minimum wastage. For a more exiting experience, you can add a shot of esspresso in most of the blends!


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