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Waffle Mix Preparation

Step 1:

Prepare the waffle batter and let it stand for at least 15 minutes.

RT Waffle Iron - Closed

Step 2:

Switch on the RT Digital Waffle Maker.
Wait for 12 - 15 min. or until the display reads"300".
Once the machine is ready, it should be opened and kept open.

RT Waffle Iron - Filling

Step 3:

Fill the bottom plate with 180 - 200ml waffle batter.

RT Waffle Iron - Rotate

Step 4:

Close the plates and rotate the iron 180°.
The timer will start to count down.

RT Waffle Iron - Ready

Step 5:

When the buzzer goes off, open the iron and carefully remove the waffle with the plastic fork.

NOTE: Do not use any metal utensils on the machine as this might damage the Tefflon coating.


Step 6 - Cleaning:

Switch off the waffle iron.
While it's still warm, clean the plates using a dumb cloth.
Then, with an absorbent paper, remove any excess water and grease.

DO NOT use any soap or sponge.

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